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Our goal is to help every client understand and use the mind, body and nutrition more effectively to allow for greater freedoms, choices and improved quality of life. We are driven to provide the very best customer service and experience we can and our success is measured by the results and achievements of our clients.

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Fitness for everyday living

Everyday living

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Fitness and body shape

Fitness and Body shape

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Fitness for performance and sports

Performance and Sports

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Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T)

Muscle Activation Techniques or M.A.T. is a revolutionary process. It has evolved to correct muscular imbalances in the body, dramatically improving functional capabilities in people of all ages.

It's been proven to help provide a pain free lifestyle, elevate sports performance and prolong the careers of many professional athletes.

Bio-mechanix have the only fully certified M.A.T specialists in Scotland offering this new biomechanically-based service.

Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) Certified Specialst

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